How we started.

Our Mission

JEDIA Statement

EEAI nurtures and sustains a diverse network of environmental educators in Illinois. We foster connections, improve environmental literacy, and amplify underrepresented voices in the environmental education sphere. With a team of dedicated staff, engaged board, active facilitators, members and partners, EEAI offers support to a wide range of Illinois educators through professional development, grants, resources, and community.

EEAI understands that quality environmental education is neither effective nor accurate without the expertise, experiences, and perspectives of diverse contributors. In order to fulfill our mission, we must strengthen our organizational goals, programs and practices to include historically excluded communities. We understand that we are lacking in diversity among leadership and members and aim to establish and cultivate relationships to make us a stronger, more resilient organization. In addition to diversifying within the EEAI community, we must also amplify the voices of BIPOC individuals and groups to broaden the outlook and understanding of Environmental Education in Illinois.

Who We Are

The Environmental Education Association of Illinois (EEAI) is a group of concerned citizens who are interested in educating people of all ages to the importance of understanding and protecting the environment.

Since its  inception, EEAI has provided leadership at the local, state and national level within the environmental education community by providing and supporting professional development services to the formal and non-formal educator. As host to national, state-based and independent professional development events and curriculums such as Growing Up WILD, Project Learning Tree, and the Midwest Environmental Education Consortium, EEAI has set the professional standard to which educators have learned to depend on.

EEAI is governed by a board of directors. The state is divided into five regions, each of which is served by two representatives (three in the northeast region). The membership elects the regional directors and officers (president, president-elect, secretary, and treasurer).

Also, EEAI serves as the Illinois affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). NAAEE is the world’s largest association of environmental educators, with members in North America and 55 countries worldwide. For NAAEE membership information, visit

Our History

EEAI was founded in 1972.

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